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Truck Tug of War

Thursday, August 3, 2017
Registration begins at 6:00 p.m.
Tug of War begins at 7:30 p.m.
Entry Fee: $20.00

For more information contact Brenda Evans: 304-679-7668.

80% payback to 1st and 2nd places in each class.
Note: prize money will be distributed at the conclusion of the event.
Pulling truck against truck on a 15 feet wide by 120 feet long dirt track. All trucks are weighted in to weight classes. The trucks are opposing each other on the dirt track with a 30 feet strap hooked to the rear of each truck with the center of the strap centered on the track. The winner is the competitor who pulls the other 15 feet across the line or the farthest in 30 seconds. The best of three (3) is the winner. The winner stays in the winner's bracket and the loser goes to the loser's bracket. Each truck and driver should have at least two (2) pulls.

Printable Rules
(requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader®)

  1. All trucks must be street legal.  Trucks must be drove in not brought on trailer.

  2. Drivers must furnish their own hitch. Hitch must be stationary and no higher than 32" from the ground (vertical or horizontal). Hitches may be moved up or down, in or out but never on a false start. Hitches may NOT float. No bumper mounted hitches.

  3. Bumpers cannot stick out further than a stock bumper and cannot be used for weight (winch bumpers are acceptable).

  4. No solid suspensions are permitted. No blocking allowed. Lift kits are acceptable.

  5. Tires must be street legal, DOT approved.

  6. If a truck blows a tire (bead must be broke) while in competition, you will be disqualified for that round. If both trucks blow out a tire at the same time while hooked, both drivers will be given a 5 minute break to repair their tires and re-hook.

  7. All trucks must have bedsides or a flatbed that is the width of the cab and extend to the rear of the tires.

  8. 2wd trucks are to have only one transmission and no transfer case. 4wd trucks are to have only one transmission and only one transfer case.

  9. Fuel tanks in cabs unless factory equipped will not be able to compete.

  10. Batteries within view of operator or within 18" of the gas tank must be secured in battery box.

  11. Additional weight is not permitted example nothing in bed of truck and tool boxes have to be empty.

  12. If any part should fall off of a truck while in competition, the driver will be disqualified for that round. Minor items that do not affect the competition will not cause a DQ - examples are fan belts, cloth straps, rust, driver's hat, etc. The track officials will determine what these items are when unclear.

  13. Truck doors must remain shut while competing or driver will be disqualified for that round

  14. Each truck must stay in bounds or it will be disqualified for that round (only if both trucks go out of bounds they will be able to re-hook).

  15. No truck can go in reverse once hook (unless asked by a track official) or it will be disqualified for that round.

  16. False starts, one warned per hook, disqualification for the round on the second offense.

  17. Drivers must stop when red flagged.  If one of the drivers should jerk the other driver intentionally, that driver will be disqualified for that round. If the tug is already over, and the loser intentionally jerks the other truck, that driver will also be disqualified for the next round.

  18. Two drivers will be permitted per vehicle per class.  Only one payback will be awarded per vehicle per class.

  19. Refunds will only be given if the vehicle has not made a legal pass in the class.  For instance, when there are two drivers, the second driver will not be given a refund if the first driver has made a legal pass.

  20. There will be no one on the track except for track officials.

  21. Drivers are urged to wear a seatbelt and a motor sport type helmet when hooked.  Race seats with 5-point harness allowed.  

  22. Passengers are NOT permitted in the truck.

  23. Anyone acting in an un-sportsmen like manner will automatically be disqualified from the event.

  24. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the fairgrounds.  This includes drivers and pit crews.

  25. Judges rulings are FINAL!!!!


1/2 Ton Gasoline

3/4 Ton Gasoline

Open Diesel

Open Jeep

0-500cc ATV

501-1000cc ATV

2WD ATV (only if enough show)

Open UTV

Open Garden/Lawn Tractor

Tug What You Brung